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Superpower Rivalry: The Cold War by Tony McAleavy

By Tony McAleavy

Constructed from the trendy international background center booklet by way of Tony McAleavy, Superpower contention specializes in the start of the chilly conflict, from after the tip of the second one international battle to the cave in of the Soviet Empire in 1991. This e-book covers the breakdown of the wartime alliance, the Berlin Blockade and the wars that concerned the Superpowers, together with the Korean conflict and the Vietnam warfare. There are sections at the palms Race, the Cuban Missile predicament and an account of the autumn of the Soviet Empire.

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Eventually there were 540, 000 Americans fighting in Vietnam. The new US President, Ronald Reagan, restored some of The defeat of the USA The USA was unable to defeat the Vietcong. Many people in the USA were opposed to the war. In January 1 968 the Vietcong � launched a massive series of attacks cal ed the Tet Offensive. This was not a military success but it convinced American leaders that they would never win in Vietnam. President Johnson was replaced by Richard Nixon, who was determined to pull out ofVietnam.

5 5 R oq 0 ALBAN IA Expelled i n 1 968 0 km 1000 c::::::J 29 The warti me allies become enemies Soon after the end ofthe war the USA and the USSR became In 1 946 Churchill described how an ' iron curtain' was being put hostile towards each other. A period of hostility known as the across Europe; the iron curtain divided Soviet -style states in Cold War lasted until the late 1 980s. Eastern Europe from democratic, capitalist states in Western Europe. Between 1 945 and 1 948 the Soviet Union imposed YALTA AND POTSDAM The lea d e rs of t h e U SA, U S S R a n d B rita i n m et twice i n 1945 to talk a b o ut t h e wo rld after the war.

Instead, MacArthur planned a further push T h e U S s h o u ld consider a l l methods to defeat t h e towards the Chinese border. This renewed attack began on 25 C h i n e s e ; t h i s co u ld i n c l u d e t h e use of ato m i c b o m bs a ga i n st C h i n a . November. It went badly wrong. MacArthur made a big mistake: he T h e w a r s h o u ld b e exte n d e d to the C h i n ese m a i n la n d divided his forces in two and marched north. The Chinese had little i n o rd e r to c u t off s u p plies to t h e co m m u n ist fo rces difficulty in attacking and destroying many ofthe US forces.

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