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Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy by Alexander T. Florence, David Attwood

By Alexander T. Florence, David Attwood

A longtime textbook that gives you with complete assurance of the physicochemical ideas necessary to the fashionable pharmacist and pharmaceutical scientist. This 6th version has a extensive chemical and physicochemical base and covers each point of drug homes from the layout of dosage types to their supply by means of all routes to websites of motion within the physique. Now with extra scientific examples, new questions and additional case stories.

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Even though the size and shape of crystals of a given compound may vary, the angles between the crystal faces remain constant. The crystals of a given substance may vary in size, relative development of the given faces and the number and kind of the faces (that is, forms) present; that is, they may have different crystal habits. Such habits include needle, tabular, equant, columnar and lamellar types. 1 shows the seven crystal systems, and crystal habits of one of these, a hexagonal crystal. Crystal form is described by two terms: habit and the combination of crystallographic fonns.

Fine powder: a powder of which all the particles pass through a No. 180 sieve. Ultra-fine powder: a powder of which the maximum diameter of 90 per cent of the particles is not greater than 5 Jlffi and of which the diameter of none is greater than 50 Jlffi. **BPC 1973, p. 679. tBP Addendum 1975. BP: British Pharmacopoeia EP: European Pharmacopoeia BPC: British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1973 PC: Pharmaceutical Codex, 11th edn 1979 From E. G. Salole, in A. H. Beckett and J. B. Stenlake. Practical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, vol.

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