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Animal Factory by Kirby, David

By Kirby, David

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Who inspired me to write this book when he told me about the cancer situation among the residents of Prairie Grove, Arkansas; Bill Wieda of the Socially Responsible Agriculture Project; Deirdre Imus and Don Imus, who had me on his show to discuss the possible origins of swine flu; the Bono family of Durham; Arianna Huffington and the entire Huffpost crew; Sandy Goldstein; Marisela Taylor of the Western Environmental Law Center (WELC), for her wonderful assistance while I was working in Eugene; and Sue Haney, the former court reporter from the Yakima Valley who pulled out the e-transcripts of the CARE v.

But this explanation solved only half the murder mystery. Rick still wanted to know why what some called the “cell from hell” was appearing in numbers large enough to kill a billion fish. Why was it appearing now? And why was it in the Neuse? The waters of the river would not relinquish the answer, so Rick decided to extend his investigation to the skies. On this first of several hundred sorties, Rick had asked the pilot to fly upstream all the way to Raleigh, the state capital. Outfitted with a high-tech camera and telephoto lens, Rick snapped images of factories, sewage plants, and housing tracts that lined the river.

And, she noted, a new problem was besieging the dairy. The state had advised Inskeep to stop pumping any more waste into his lagoon. As a result, according to local media reports, a rising backwash of flush water was now spilling from the barns and milking parlor and pooling into a massive manure lake that engulfed the cattle confinements. The lake, growing by the hour, already held two million gallons of brown stinking water. Workers had to fence off much of the area after Holsteins were found wading around in fetid liquid up to their udders.

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