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An introduction to Orgonite matrix material by Logan J

By Logan J

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Work the tape firmly into place, and use at least one full wrap of tape all the way around,. This is not only for the effect of a metal shroud on the coil, it is to keep the orgonite from leaking into the coil. Do your best to line the rings up evenly with each other, so that the ring on one end is parallel to and plumb with the ring on the other end. Pull the leads from the coil out through the center, or if you want to be more precise you can form a little hole in the tape to pass the leads through, and fill the hole with glue so it doesn' t leak.

Share your successes more readily than your experiments, but do experiment. I have given information here based on y own personal experiences with my machines, and from a general metaphysics perspective. I have tried to cover some of the basic techniques used in operating a radionics machine (in general), techniques which can be conceptually adapted to many different machines, not just those made / designed by me. We live in a time of struggle and legal reform, and litigation. It is possible that the improper use of this machine when attempting treatment for illness can cause either nothing to happen, or the reverse of what is desired to happen.

The rings from 2 mason jar lids. - A small shelving unit made from metal mesh of some kind. I used an old LP record rack, flipped upside down. You could make one from pieces of window screen stretched across a frame, or see what you can find in your garage or the second hand store. It should be a shelf that has the individual shelves made out of a metal GRID or SLATS, so that there is an open mesh, not solid pieces of metal. On the next one I make, I will probably use copper screens for the mesh.

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