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Algebraic and Analytic Methods in Representation Theory by Bent Orsted

By Bent Orsted

This ebook is a compilation of a number of works from well-recognized figures within the box of illustration thought. The presentation of the subject is exclusive in supplying a number of diverse issues of view, which should still makethe e-book very helpful to scholars and specialists alike. offers numerous various issues of view on key subject matters in illustration conception, from the world over identified specialists within the box

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9 p[ dim M =~ Pl dim Q for all G-summands Q of M ® N. Proof: Exercise (Hint: look at Tr(¢) for ¢ E E n d a ( M ® N)). 8 allows us to define a new tensor product on {t. First, let for M C {t the integers (a~(M))~X(T)+ be determined by M- @ AEX(T)+ Then ha(M) = 0 for all but finitely many A E X(T) +. 10 fined by Modular Representations 49 Let M1, M2 C ~t. 11 ® is associative. 8. , [AP]. References [Anl] H. H. Andersen, The first cohomology group of a line bundle on G / B , Invent. Math. 51 (1979), 287-296.

11(ii)), this complex is isomorphic to H ° ( I . ) , which has H~(A) as its ith cohomology. [Z] Let A C X ( T ) , and suppose (A,o~v} _< - 1 for some simple root (~. 5 Hi(A) ~ H i - I ( G / P ~ , H ~ ( A ) ) for all i >_ 1. Pro@ Let again 0 --~ A ~ I. be an injective B-resolution. 1 the complex 0 ~ H°(Io) ~ H°(I1) - . . is exact except in degree 1, where its cohomology is H~ (A). If we set Q - I0/,~ ~ Ker(I1 ~ means that we have exact sequences 0 and no(z ) /2), this H. H. Andersen 24 The long exact sequence arising from the first of these gives Hi(G/P~,HI(A)) ~ Hi(G/P~,H°(Q)) for i _> 1.

Submodule), and so the first equality follows. 5 (combined with the fact that all Zr(A) have the same dimension). Z] The irreducible G-module L((p r - 1)p) is known as the r t h Steinberg module and also denoted Str. 8, it is an irreducible injective and induced (from BrT) GrT-module. The standard argument shows that injectivity is preserved when tensoring by an arbitrary finite dimensional module. 3) for certain m~ > 0. In other words, (~r(A) appears as a distinguished GrTsummand of this tensor product.

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