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A quick introduction to the C language by Navia J.

By Navia J.

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A pointer to a pointer needs two asterisks, etc. Identifier will be a reference to a single object of the given type. References must be initialized immediately after their declaration. See44 Identifier will be an array of expr elements of the given type. The expression must evaluate to a compile time constant or to a constant expression that will be evaluated at run time. In the later case this is a variable length array. Define a new type-name for the old type. See typedef. int *pa; pa will be a pointer to integers int &ra = a; a <<= 6 a >>= 7 a &= 32 a ^= 64 a |= 128 a=7,b=8 The result this is 8 of Declarations43 Expression type identifier; type * id; type expr & id = type id[expr] int *ptrArray[56]; Array of 56 int pointers.

A function may change the values of its parameters, but these changes cannot affect the values of the arguments. On the other hand, it is possible to pass a pointer to an object, and the function may change the value of the object pointed to. A parameter declared to have array or function type is converted to a parameter with a pointer type. The order of evaluation of the actual arguments, and sub expressions within the actual arguments is unspecified. For instance: fn( g(), h(), m()); Here the order of the calls to the functions g(), h() and m() is unspecified.

If its result is zero, stop evaluating the whole expression and set the result of the whole expression to zero. If not, continue evaluating expr2. The result of the expression is the logical AND of the results of evaluating each expression. Evaluate expr1. If the result is one, stop evaluating the whole expression and set the result of the expression to 1. If not, continue evaluating expr2. The result of the expression is the logical OR of the results of each expression. If expr evaluates to non-zero (true), return val1, otherwise return val2.

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