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A Practical English Grammar: Exercises 2 (Bk. 2) by A. J. Thomson

By A. J. Thomson

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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12 They (be) married next week but now they have quarrelled and the wedding has been cancelled. 13 If we hadn't had this puncture we certainly (be) home by now. 14 You (carry) the dog, which was unnecessary. He can walk very well. 15 People were waiting but the bus didn't stop. ~ It is possible that it (be) full. 16 We went sailing on a lake in a London park. I think it was the Round Pond. ~ It (not be) the Round Pond. There are only toy boats there. It (be) the Serpentine. 17 Look, there's a tree right across the road!

You (know) him quite well, didn't you? Jack: Yes. We (work) for the same company for ten years. I (not see) so much of him after he (leave) the company but we (keep) in touch 32 Ann (think) the garage (be) empty, and (turn) off the lights. ' (shout) Paul from under the car. ' 33 Father: Tom (not come) back yet? Mother: Yes, he (come) in an hour ago. He (go) straight to bed. Father: Funny. I (not hear) him. 34 Paul: That's a live wire. It just (give) me a shock! Ann: Nonsense! I just (touch) it and I (not feel) anything!

32 I found her address by calling at every house in the village. 33 She (Ann) gave me duck and green peas for lunch. 34 It (the lake) is very deep indeed. 35 I borrowed my brother's car. 36 He buried it in the garden. 128 Questions PEG 54-60,104 See previous exercise for instructions. 1 He told me exactly what happened. 2 It (the bridge) is built of reinforced concrete. 3 We're all going to watch the cricket match. 4 He broke it (his leg) in a skiing accident. 5 He (Tom) lost his job because he kept coming in late for work.

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