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A Dictionary of Ecology (Oxford Paperback Reference) by Michael Allaby

By Michael Allaby

From acid rain, CFC's, and the greenhouse impact to the food-chain and the gene financial institution, Oxford's completely revised Dictionary of Ecology, moment version offers 5,000 up to date entries on all points of ecology and the environmental sciences. providing direct entry to the main actual and up to date details to be had, the dictionary covers an unlimited variety of topics, from plant and animal body structure, animal habit, evolution, environmental pollutants, and conservation to climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, and oceanography. The Dictionary of Ecology, moment version, has been absolutely up to date to include advancements during this quickly evolving box, rather within the components of molecular ecology, conservation, and the administration of habitats. additionally incorporated are biographical notes on eminent ecologists and different scientists, in addition to invaluable cross-references that make this quantity a useful reference software for college kids, execs, and somebody with an curiosity within the wildlife and the environment.

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It can occur naturally in spring or early summer when primary production exceeds consumption by aquatic herbivores see PRIMARY PRODUCTIVITY). Algal blooms may also be induced by nutrient enrichment of waters due to pollution. They are a characteristic symptom of *eutrophication. algal mat A sheet-like accumulation of cyanobacteria ('blue-green algae') that develops in shallow marine *subtidal to *supratidal environments, as well as in lakes and swamps. The algae cover the sediment surface and themselves trap sediment to produce a laminated alternation of dark, organic-rich algal layers and organic-poor sediment layers.

At lower speeds the flow pattern is zonal, but with faster rotation large waves develop and incorporate closed circulations. See also HADLEY CELL and ROSSBY WAVES. dispersal The tendency an organism to move away, either from its birth site (natal dispersal) or breeding site (breeding dispersal): the opposite of *philopatry. Rates of regional dispersal depend on the interaction of several factors, notably the size and shape of the source area, the dispersal ability of the organisms, and the influence of such other environmental factors as winds or ocean currents.

Drawdown The lowering of the *water-table or *potentiometric surface, normally as a result of the deliberate extraction of *groundwater. e. drift) deposits (see DRIFT MAP). Sometimes the term has been used to describe any sediment laid down by, or in association with, the activity of glacial ice and it is often widened to include related submarine and lacustrine deposits. The word was introduced by C. Lyell (1797-1875), who suggested that glacial deposits were laid down by melting icebergs which drifted across an ice-age sea covering Britain.

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