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2-Groupoid Enrichments in Homotopy Theory and Algebra by Kamps K.H., Porter T.

By Kamps K.H., Porter T.

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Morphisms. In our situation it is relatively easy to compose the 1-arrows (α, H, f ) but it only makes sense up to homotopy as there has to be a choice made between two ‘obvious’ ways to do it. c. c. e. ), see [Ba], and the fact that the situation in ω-Cat is richer, ([Cr], Section 9 again). Several of our examples of (G2 , ⊗)-categories also have a ω-Cat structure and in fact as we remarked, the (G2 , ⊗)-structure we have given is the truncation of that ω-Cat structure (most notably for Ch). e.

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